Repair/replacement options for Lulzbot 5 Dual Extruder V2


The second hot end on my Lulzbot 5 Dual Extruder V2 was, er, inappropriately torqued by a colleague of mine while trying to clear a clog and is now completely bent out of whack. So I’m looking at options to get this thing back to having two functional extruders.

If I just want to replace the hot end, what parts are available and where can I get them? The original Hexagon Hot End doesn’t seem to be around much.

Is the v3.1 Dual Extruder worth a look? Reviews seem about as mixed as they did for the v2, so better to stay with the devil I know unless there’s dramatic improvement.

Are there third parties that make relevant parts, up to and including an entire dual extruder?


I have a used Dual Extruder V2 in excellent condition that I’m no longer using (replaced with a Dual Extruder V3). Make me an offer.

Appreciate the response, but I’m either going to just buy a hot end for the v2 or buy an entire new v3; I don’t need an entire new v2.