Repetier firmware

Ive been reading good things about Repetier-Host. If I wanted to upgrade my firmware, what configurations should I use? Is there an easy source or tutorial on how to do this for the Lulzbot? Thanks.

Repetier-host has been reported to work without modifications on our AO-101. I haven’t tried it out yet so I can’t attest to it’s stability. I’d be interested in hearing about your experience with it.

I intend to try it on my AO-100. I admit I’m interested by the 3D visualization. CAD guy here. :smiley:

I was wondering why you guys chose Printrun over Repetier-host. I assumed it is either because Printrun has a smaller footprint and does not require OpenGL, or because it needs mono on Linux? (mono is highly controversial in the Linux world, you may not have gotten your FSF certification with it?)

Over at the RepRap forums a French guy wanted to use it on a Raspberry Pi running on Debian but found out the hardware is too weak to support it. I’m guessing some old laptops with crappy graphics chipsets may have the same problem.

Please report the results, as well as how you set it up! I too have a AO-100 and would like to use Repetier, but I’m pretty intimidated by the firmware configuration.

Hi friends,

I’m following this forum since it is open, this is my first post here. So I’ll start with just some words saying I’m very impressed by Lulzbot products and spirit :blush: . I hope I can become a good member of this community :blush: .

About Repetier firmware, I’m using it with my Mendel Prusa since several months. I’m happy with it. I had some difficulties at the begining, but with the help of Repetier on RepRap forums I went through without real difficulties.
So if with my small experience using it I can help, I’ll do it with pleasure :slight_smile:.

I don’t find the firmware configuration more complex than for another firmware, even if it is “highly” described on RepReptier website. What is a good thing somewhere :slight_smile:.
I followed website description and configuration file comments. Main things were steps calibration, and PID settings. Doing it directly via EEPROM without reuploading firmware was very confortable.
Difficulties I encoutered was due to a reverse mount of X and Y endstops. I needed to change the logic of X endstop as max instead of min stop. I had a bad understanding of the sense of one firmware setting about endstops. Once Repetier explained it a litle bit on the forum, all was clear and I have to say that, finally, that’s really simple and easy.

I’m building a TK-0 and intend to use Repetier firmware and host. For the moment that sounds as an interesting combination for me :blush: .

I just realized that I confused repetier-host with repetier firmware.

To be honest, I would be uneasy about upgrading my firmware to repetier. I’m fine with Marlin, it works and that’s all I need to know. :smiley: I mostly want to try repetier-host as replacement to Pronterface/Printrun.

Im pretty sure that the host software requires that you upload the Repetier firmware to your machine. I have tried using it with Marlin and I could not get the printer to connect. Once I uploaded the Repetier firmware (using Arduino) I was able to communicate with my printer. However, the firmware requires configuration for optimal use and it seems like a daunting task. I may try to do it eventually, but right now im struggling just to get optimal prints on my machine. My priority is to reduce this darn z-wobble!

I used repetier-host with sprinter firmware without any problem.

Have you tried at different connexion speed ?

I use repetier-host software on my Windows 7 netbook (Asus) talking to my MendelMax 1.5+ with RAMPs board with Sprinter. Everything works hunky dory although I had to set the communication speed at 250,000 baud for everyone to be happy.


When the initial decision was made Printrun existed and Repetier host didn’t. So we’d have to move from Printrun to Repetier. The FSF is fine with whatever we ship. Their requirements center around whether our gear will work with free software or not–not whether we ship mono or not. Basically, our hardware lets them use any free software they want and we won’t lock it down, so they certify that.

That said, I myself am no Mono fan. Printrun has proven to be reliable at its task and keeps things reasonably simple. We likely will move to something else at some point. Octoprint looks interesting too, but I haven’t used it yet.

I admit I am not either and it hasn’t been installed on my system for a couple years (as soon as I ditched F-Spot out it went!).

I wish Repetier had selected another framework. Curiosity might get the best of me though. :wink:

The newest version of Repetier should work without needing to change the firmware, I have been using it my AO-101 since I got it back in March.

i installed repetier-host last night and played with my machine a little with a 115200 baud. like lotw said, marlin fw works with it now just fine now.

i noticed a little bit of initial lag in response time when connecting and some trouble with setting up slic3r to withe the right profiles. other than that everything seems smooth. i noticed some people saying their support and documentation seemed to lack, but i found it easy to use and info rich.

its a very nice all in one alternative to printrun.

The new version of Repetier added that initial lag. If you ran v0.53 it works fast on the 1st connect. The new version just takes a few seconds to connect then works fine after that.