Setup guidelines for using Repetier-Host on the TAZ

This is just a quick review of how to get up and running with Repetier-Host. All screeenshots are taken from the current Windows release version (v0.85b).

To configure Repetier-Host, click on Config->Printer Settings.
If you’ve never used Repetier-Host before, the printer listed in the Printer: dropdown will be “default”. Click in the dropdown and replace “default” with the name you’d like to use for this printer configuration.
Please make sure that you make your settings the same as shown below.

Setting up the connection:

Setting up the default temps and movement rate limits:

Setting up the Printer Shape:

Click OK and you’re done!

Repetier-Host is a really cool printer interface - play around with it, you’ll like it!


How is your manual Z axis movement with the speed settings provided? Thanks for the tips!

It’s the same as Pronterface and I haven’t noticed any issues with manual movement.


I had to bring the max X travel down a little, so the carriage would not hit the Z-nut at max travel…but everything else was easy, and works well.

Glad to hear it!


Anyone have any updates for Repetier-Host V.1.0.6 for the Taz 5? I used to have a solidoodle 2 and now I’ve upgraded to the Taz 5.

Any Repetier tips are appreciated.



Almost a year later and another print project comes up. I need to install Repetier on my new computer. Low and behold an unanswered post from a year ago.

Any 2016 updates for V1.6.1? :sunglasses:

Mine works fine, but I have heard others have problems using the latest version. So I do not know what to tell you on my end. :blush:

I’ll be trying it out with a pair of elder Taz4 units since Cura is running like garbage on my machine since at about 3.2.21.

I gave one of the elders Taz5 firmware when I upgraded to the flexydually v2 tool. So far the whole system works fine.
The other has the last release I could see that was distinctly for the 4 and has a v1 dually head… But it is showing heavy wear, so I may have to change it out soon too. I’ll pull its version numbers when I go printing again.