I would like to start using Repetier for printing, but sure about a few settings.

First let you know what type of printer I have. I have a TAZ 2 printer.

Ok I found the answers to my question by doing a Bing Search. But was not able to find anything in forum search engine on Repetier. But here is the link I found and hope fully it helps others.

So, thanks to geneb for posting this information…

Make sure you change the Z axis move rate/feed rate to a value less than 180mm/min (3mm/sec) if using a TAZ 1-3. The defaults in Repetier-Host/Repetier-Server can cause the Z axis to skip steps and become mis-aligned.

Thanks for the heads up on the Z axis move rate Orias.

It runs in all directions fine. I really do love this program. To see the changes in settings each time in Slic3r and then re-open the G-code in Repetier to give you a great visual insight of what settings do what and how much of a change is being done. All I can say is (((((((AWESOME))))))).