Replacement for Budaschnozzle

I have an old Taz3 and my heating element died today. There will be a small service for friends and family but any well wishes can be expressed with advice for how to replace this hot end. The mounting plate for the Taz3 is unusual compared to others and was wondering if anyone is still using such an old piece of gear and what they have done to replace the obsolete part. I have ordered new parts to try to resurrect the old one, but I am thinking a spare hot end assembly many not be a bad plan.

If you really want to express your sympathies with parts and or money, I am open to hear your thoughts (jk)

Try IT-Works 3D - They may still have those old parts.

Just an update, the folks at Lulzbot still had a few parts and wouldn’t you know it, the right parts for what I needed. It was a pain in the uhhh, you know, but it is up and printing again. Built like a tank.