Rambo board seems damaged

After successfully printing on my Taz for a couple months, the extruder head has stopped heating at all. I tried measuring the voltage on the hot end connector on my board (I read that it should show about 12 V). My voltage meter is showing 0 voltage at the connector when I tell the hot end to heat. My print bed heats perfectly (and the print bed connector reads 11.5 V at the board). Does this mean my Rambo is damaged?


Just measured the resistance across my two LittelFuse fuses. The hot end fuse read zero! (The other one read about .5 ohms). I better order a new fuse, eh?

The fuses should have a very low resistance. Replacing the fuse would be the first step. What happened prior to this? If you’d like any help, contact support at Support@LulzBot.com with your order information, your 3D printer serial number and your shipping address/contact information.

Will this fuse do?

Prior to this, the hot end heated fine. It just all of a sudden stopped heating.

That’s the exact fuse you’ll need!