Replacement magnetic beds?

Is there a plan to sell just the replacement flex beds without the magnet assembly? I was thinking it would be nice to have a couple of them to improve uptime. I could swap out the beds on each print for cleaning and it would be nice to have a spare in the event of damage.

I have this on my TAZ6.

@TigerMike What other parts did you need to replace on your TAZ 6 to get this Wham Bam system to work?

Hi there,

I didn’t have to replace anything. All I did was remove the worn original PEI sheet from the glass bed. I then attached the adhesive backed magnetic bed onto the glass. The kit from Wham Bam included the magnetic bed, two steel flex sheets and two adhesive backed PEX sheets. A plus using the PEX surface is that I do not have to use a glue stick when printing PETG.

The only downside to this is that fact that my Z-offset is now approx +0.5 mm. I have not done anything to reconfigure the height of the initial switch, the corner washers and the nozzle wiping pad due to the raised height of the Wham Bam system. I’m extremely happy with my setup.

Here’s a pic of the magnetic bed and the flex steel sheet on its side to the left.

I have the new magnetic bed on my Lulzbot Mini 2. It is fantastic ! So much easier. While it looks like the surface will last much longer than scaping things off the old PEI surface, a replacement will likely be needed someday.

And, wow! A little tacky recommending a competitive product on the Lulzbot forum.

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I’m mainly looking to optimize workflow and mitigate downtime. After printing on Plate-A I can replace it with Plate-B and print while cleaning the first and letting it cool down.

Figures. After posting how great the new magnetic bed is making removal easy, never having to use tools to get a print off, Murphey struck! After printing the same part in the same spot several times, with the same settings each time, all of a sudden it is stuck to the bed solid as a rock!. Using the knife that comes with the Lulzbot, I finally got a corner up and had to break it off it pieces. I had to use a LOT of force and tried not to damage the bed, which I didn’t, but there are still bits and thin layers of the PETG on the bed.

Any suggestions on how to get the bed smooth again? Fine sandpaper? Solvents?

This will be an option coming soon!


Check these out!