Request - Bring Back Old Main Screen Layout - Printer LCDs

With the recent firmware change, we are seeing a UI change on the screens of the printers. One being, the inverted boxes for things like the X/Y/Z coordinates are not inverted anymore. Another the hot end icon isn’t filled in, and the heat bed icon is now “angled” instead of a flat line.

The reason I bring these all up is that the main screen is now very “Squished”. It’s feels like this update it was a fight to get everything to just fit, and now when looking at it, it does take my eyes longer to find what I am looking for.

Before when you had inverted text and simpler icons, it was spread out more, and easier on the eyes.

Also having the selector now not be a solid bar has already messed up once. Since I didn’t pay attention to the top and bottom lines, and thought I was selecting a different menu item. Most UIs these days, that use ComboBoxes for instance, always have the distinct blue bar, to denote selection, separate from the regular background

I know it’s an odd request, but one I would still like to make

This sounds like you have an issue with Marlin 2.x, bring it up with Marlin. We likely will not implement or revert back to the old UI as that would diverge from upstream Marlin. I can point you to our source code for the latest builds should you want to build your own.


I would appreciate it as I have been wanting to actually start doing my own firmware

we use the platformio extension on visual studio code to compile.