New Firmware Bugs

Returning to Info Screen, Shows Z-Offset Prompt

With the new Firmware update, I can click the dial on m Taz 6 to go to to the main menu, I then click in the dial again, to exit out of the menu, however, in doing show, it’s bringing up my z-offset adjustment screen.

For the record, I was adjusting it. Also, I tried going into other screens, such as the X axis movement, to see if it would change the result it didn’t.

I haven’t had a chance to test this yet on my Mini 2, but, I feel it will act the same

Previous Menu, Not Returning to Top-Most Index

So this one is getting to me, as it’s rather annoying. In the previous firmware I had installed, anytime I exited an end menu (meaning you can’t get to another from it, so like movement of x, y, z, or extruder, or the z-offset prompt), it would return to the previous screen, with the “selector” in the top-most position of the menu, and then would proceed to do the send as you backed out of menus.

However, now, if you exit and “end menu”, it leaves the selector on that selected index you just entered it with, but go back again, and it’s back to the top most index like before.

Personally, I think this should be restored to before, since you are exiting an item, you don’t want to accidentally click and go back into it, since, you left it (plus a lot of times you are usually changing only 1 setting, so it’s nice to spam the button to exit out of it)

I have forwarded your feedback to the relevant team.

@joshea the issue you are reporting about with the menu going directly to the Z Probe is a feature that was added into out version of Marlin 2.0 for the ease of navigating to the Z Probe. It is on a double click meaning that if the button is held down or pressed twice in 1.25 seconds, it will go directly to the Z Probe screen.

As far as the menu screens go, the selector only stays on the item that was selected in the last menu that was opened. Once the selector is at the top the user can mash the button to go back to the main screen. Changing this will be taken into consideration for future Firmware builds, but at this point it I would not consider it a bug.