Reversed y axis travel

I have two Taz 3 and both of them send the heat bed to the front of the printer (away from the Y motor) when I hit the home button. I can make them work fine if I reverse the belt underneath. I have looked at the pictures and descriptions from OHAI and my manual and when I hook them up as shown, they both go in reverse. Any ideas? I have one hooked up exactly like the pics and the other one is not. The one that is not works fine, the other does not. I would like them set up right.

Thanks for any ideas.

Here’s the proper routing:

This is what I tried and when I hit the home button the bed goes toward me and away from the motor and click click click click click until I shut it off. I reversed the belt. In your picture, it would be like the longer part on the right is actually on the left and the ends are on the right and just stick in between the stops, not wrap around the bigger stop. Its the only way I can get it to work. It there a button or setting in the firmare that you can just reverse?

You can reverse the Y axis (or any other axis) travel direction. Download the firmware here: and after reflashing if the travel is still backwards on your printer, in the file Configuration.h search for and change to false:

#define INVERT_Y_DIR true    // for Mendel set to true, for Orca set to false

Don’t forget to update your extruder steps:

#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT   {100.5,100.5,1600,850}  // default steps per unit for TAZ {X,Y,Z,E}

Save your changes and reflash the board.

What’s the history with the printers? The printer should home so that the nozzle is in the lower left hand corner of the print bed, with the Y axis stepper motor farthest away from you, and with the X axis motor on the same side of the printer as the electronics enclosure.