Ridge on printed parts

I think it’s an artifact from the original drawing. The part looks simple enough to redraw with a straight line on that side of the model. If it works you can try comparing the g-codes between the two, you might spot it that way.

PrusaSlicer slices it correctly:

and Cura 3.6.38 slices it right too:

Rendering the GCODE from Cura 3.6.38 looks correct too:

If it’s appearing there for every orientation, I’ll lean toward it being a setting on the printer - linear advance maybe?

My Taz 6 is far from stock now, but I’m doing a quick print anyway.

Edit: So far, so good.

No issues with the print here.

Thanks that’s my theory too. I’ll re-draw and try it again but it is falling in priority.

Thanks ever so much for going to this effort. I guess this points to a problem with my machine although I can’t imagine what mechanical fault could cause the ridge to appear with the object moved around the bed. It’s due a major overhaul so we will see what comes of it.

Thanks again for all your help.

One other thing I remember. Save the file with a different name then print it. I have had this happen to me wherein I would make a small change to my model and the old model would print, almost as if it was printing a cached model. Purge the old STL & gcode files out to ensure you’re printing the updated file. This is especially suspect when someone else can print the same updated model without the error.