right side Z drift.

I have a consistent drift of my right hand z axis.

I can not find any binding and do not hear any step skipping, yet after every single print, my right side always is a mm or so low and has to be raised. I have turned off auto leveling as that makes it worse.

The prints are coming out beautiful as long as I make the adjustment before starting.

Not sure where to go next to find this problem.

TAZ 3.1 upgraded with 4.0 lead screw.

If you try and turn the screw by hand, is it easy or do you have to twist pretty hard? If the setscrews on the x-idler slip on the x-rod, it can torque that whole x-end about z and put lateral loads on the nut and bushing. I’d look there first.

We have an experimental version of the TAZ 4 firmware, with additional Z axis torque settings. If you’d like to try that version of the firmware out, please be aware that it’s currently a work in progress, and may not be as clean as our current firmware versions. Send an email to Support@Lulzbot.com and we’ll walk you through what would be required.

very easy to turn. the mechanics seem to be dare I say perfect.

Orlas, I’ll give the new firmwar a try. I’ll send support the request.


The initial print looks like it may have solved the issue. Will keep this thread updated.

a cool (accidental?) feature is the cold extrusion protection seems changed.

I accidentally hit print with cold bed and extruder. didnt even have the temps on. The printer started it print and I didnt pay attention, after a few mins, I saw it was cold and not extruding. CRAP, well I aborted the print and heated the head in preparation of removing a chewed up filament and cleaning a gunked up hobbed bolt. To my delight, the filament and bolt were pristine. the cold extrusion did not allow the extruder to grind but still let the printer go through the motions. Poped the filament back in and hit restart and was off and running

can test mechanics with a print w/o using and filament. great test for my issue with teh drift. cn put it through its paces w/o actually printing…

However the afternoon I was testing, my sheet of PEI (This stuff is a true miracle) arrived and after one successful print on it with PLA I put my ABS extruder back on and haven’t looked back. Next part I need that would be appropriate to use PLA I will get some video.