Ringing strong in X, low in Y direction

Hello together, I finaly got all my bearings changed to RJUM-01-10 - after 3 month order time :smiley:
Now I printed two 40x40 test cubes without infill, changing jerk every 5mm on the first and acceleration every 5mm on the other one to see whats possible.
In both tests there is a hughe difference on the corners (ringing) comparing X and Y direction: Along the Y side of the cube, there is nearly no ringing even at 3000mm/s². On the X side, I get very strong ringing at this values.

First, is my assumption correct: The ringing on the X side should be an effect of swinging Y axis (print bed) to the front and back, Y ringing then vice versa from the X axis?
Second: If this is true, what would the gurus out here recommend to try next? More or less belt tension?

Can you post a picture?

Just to be clear, is this banding along the vertical wall? If so, then it’s probably your acme screws… typically called z-wobble. Look for the anit-wobble modifications on the forum.

Sorry if I’m off-base.

Yeah, and one of them is designed by me,that’s why I’m quite sure it’s not z wobble :stuck_out_tongue:

I made pictures, but the forum will not load them (“Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached.”)?

Got it, the forum only allows 50 attachments per user. Great idea on a forum where we should have the possibility to search and collect knowledge… But doesn’t matter, the settings for the built-in search functions are choosen to fit that circumstance :laughing: :blush: Maybe an admin could chance that some time…?

I uploaded it to my owncloud. Edit: link removed, see my post below for pictures :slight_smile:

I increased the user attachment allocation from 5 gigs to 10 gigs. See if that fixes it.

Cool, thank you very much for the quick response! By the way, is there a reason why the search function blocks all common words? Would be great if we don’t need Google to search here :slight_smile:

Here are the pics

On the one with writing, was that side aligned on the bed so the writing was facing the front of the printer, bed down? If thts the case, thats not Z wobble, thats drag or bearing looseness on the X rods. Usually caused by debris or slow bearings. In this case at the speeds you were talking about, it could also be rod deflection bounce. Did you swap in hardened rods at the same time you changed the bearings out?

I reorientated the pictures above for clarification. Here is another one how it was printed on the bed:

The new bearings have absolutely no play, rods are not changed. This one are bearings with some kind of teflon, no ball bearings so hardened rods shouldn’t be necessary I think.
I found something with Google I will try in the next hours: I will print the square again at 3000mm/s², this time applying a little bit of force to the extruder in X and/or Y direction while printing the upper half, lower half is then for comparison. If it comes from the extruder, my finger should dampen the vibration…

Edit: No real difference with the finger test.

A few hollow test cubes later:
Finding 1: Ringing on the Y side of the cube at 3000mm/s² is as strong as ringing on the X side of the cube at 1000mm/s². :confused:
Finding 2: It’ something at the X axis: If I print at 3000mm/s², but limit the X axis acceleration by setting amax X to 500mm/s² the ringing on the X side of the cube is gone. The opposite test with 3000 at X and 500 at Y axis doesn’t change anything.

But I’m not shure what’s the real root cause. A high speed camera would be great :wink: