Rocked out Mini v1.03

So I’m already a very happy TAZ6 owner, but I saw a Mini on LetGo for just a couple hundred bucks (I couldn’t say no). The old owner just didn’t need it anymore and wanted to get rid of it fairly quickly. I got it a couple of weeks ago and set to doing some upgrades.

Did the research to know that this little Mini was a v1.03 and, if I wanted to add the mini LCD controller on it, she’d need a new RAMBo (v1.3a) board. So I ordered the new board and the LCD together. Shortly after the parts came in, I was able (with some clarification from Lulzbot, thanks guys) put everything together and then updated the RAMBo firmware to work with the LCD. Worked great, but I needed a couple more bells and whistles…

The room where this printer sits is in an area that has a ceiling fan that HAS to stay on (gets roasty on the top floor of the place I rent) to help circulate the air. While the printer worked great despite the ‘wind’ I wanted to make sure the temp in the print area kept relatively constant. Was able to grab a transparent plexiglass enclosure and with a little tinkering (poked holes in it to run the control cables, removed the frame screw mount from the back of the LCD and affixed the slimmer LCD module onto the enclosure with a smidge of Sugru) got everything to work together.

The final addition (actually it was the first thing I ‘built’) was to slap an RPi3 to the chassis - of course printed in Lulzbot Green. Attached is the final result of all the upgrading and tinkering.