Rock'in Moarstruder

Hi just wondered if anyone else had this issue …
The width of the tapered tongue of the moarstruder backplate is narrower than the width of the bolted on retainer on the carridge unlike the Aerostruder which is size for size.

After christening the Moar print head with parts for a spool holder I found there were substantial ridges in the walls of the parts.

Even after checking the head was seated well and retightening the head it can still be rocked side to side.

Is it wise for me to open the upper edge of the fixing hole to allow the taper to engage better with the backplate ?

At one point with my TAZ I had some wobbly feel in the original tool head.

I eventually loosened, adjusted and reattached (tighter?) the bottom groove piece where the hot end sits.This seemed to help…

I’m not sure that will help but might be something to look at. It was long before I got my MOARstruder.

In my case the MOARstruder seems snug and doesn’t rock back and forth as you’re describing. I would hesitate to open up the hole although on my MOARstruder it’s already more of a tall oval (slot), so maybe ok. The screw sits about 3/4 up from the bottom of the hole and on mine it is snug in the bottom groove.

See pic.

just as FYI – my Moarstruder wasn’t a perfect fit on our Taz6 either. It seemed like the ‘tongue’ was cut to a slightly sharper angle than the tool head mount, so it wanted to rock back and forth in the mount. Once it was bolted in, it was secure enough, so I haven’t done anything to the mount or tool head. I’ll probably shim it until we’re out of any kind of warrantee period on the printer and 'struder.

Just an FYI that we saw the same kind of issue. :slight_smile: