New Taz 6, tool head screw position misaligned?

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forums and to 3D printing in general.

Our lab has purchased a Taz 6 + dual extruder v3 tool head and it’s my task to set it up. After unboxing, I proceeded with the installation steps until the point where I should’ve mounted the tool head, however, I noticed that when the tool head’s bottom part sits snugly and perfectly centered in the holder, the hole on the tool head and the screw hole on the frame are misaligned to an extent that I cannot fit the screw in the hole, not without moving the tool head to the side. I have the same situation with the included single extruder tool hear and the extra dual v3. The tray for the bottom of the tool head is free of dust or debris, and both tool heads fit nicely in, without any substantial space to move it in any direction - certainly not enough to align the two holes. I could tilt the head and fasten the screw, but then the bottom part is unstable = it hangs on the screw and can be wiggled left and right. Surely, that’s not the way it should be?

I’m assuming this problem could be “user error” due to my inexperience, so I’m posting it here first instead of contacting support. I hope veteran users can help me figure out what the problem is and how to proceed.

I’ve searched the forums for a solution without success, but may have missed relevant topics. If this has been discussed elsewhere, please point me to that thread.

I’m attaching a few pictures to illustrate the situation.

I had a similar issue with my Dual Extruder V3. The bottom wedge of the dual extruder was a tighter fit than the stock single extruder. Since a slight misalignment of the single extruder isn’t critical and the fit was looser, I was always able to get the top screw to fit.

I solved my issue by loosening the 4 screws that hold the bottom “shoe” and was then able to get the dual extruder top hole to line up correctly. You may have to lightly sand the rounded cutout at the bottom of the dual extruder if the fit is too tight. Don’t loosen the screws too much as they can’t be tightened with the tool head in place.

The final step in this process is to carefully lower the dual extruder until both nozzles almost touch the bed and measure the gap for both nozzles. If positioned correctly, the gaps will both be the same.

After getting the dual extruder alignment solved, I discovered that the single extruder alignment also improved (i.e. the top hole lines up better as well).

Thanks for the reply.

Following your advice, I’ve tried loosening the screws to see if it helps. In my case, however, the tool heads (both single and dual extruders) already fit very well into the “shoe” at the bottom, not too tight nor uneven, which might tilt it to one side. Loosened or not, the screw hole is misaligned for both tool heads. The next step would be sanding one or the other part, but as this is a brand new purchase, I’m reluctant to do anything irreversible at the moment.

I don’t think I can check if both nozzles are level as, I believe, that would require the screw in question to be screwed in first.

On the other hand, this seems to answer my question whether this misalignment is normal or something that needs to be corrected. I expect a new device to be able to be assembled without such issues. Before I take further steps it’s better to consult support.

The tool heads should settle into the tool head mount and line up nicely. Reach out to the support team at with a link to your post.