Brand new Taz 6 Spoilt tool head

Hi there,

Just got my first 3d printer today - the lulzbot taz 6

I followed the set up instructions but got stuck on step 7B where they asked me to let go of my tool head and let it self level.

As you can see, my printer slants to one side and does not centralise when I try to do so.

I then tried to centralise it myself by manually adjusting it and slowly tightening the m3 screw

No matter how much I tightened (And i did it really slowly, bit by bit to see if it helps), the tool head would be loose.
After a while, and without any indication (it was still loose), it got over tightened and it broke as you can see below.

For starters you re missing a washer on the bolt that holds the toolhead to the carriage. Also, you torqued that bolt down wayyyyyyy to far. it’s not supposed to be recessed all the way through the toolhead. The missing washer might be a quality control issue, but the overtightening is kind of a common sense issue. I’m not sure you can blame that one entirely on them.

No, that is the washer in the hole in the third picture buried in the plastic of the carriage. :cry:

Oh, are they using black ones now? i thought that was the bolt head.

kmanley57 is right
Yeah but there was no telling at all since it was totally loose. Kept tightening slowly and then suddenly boom it broke off.