Toolhead is constantly way too much above bed.

Hi Guys,

I had just installed a MOARstruder head about an hour ago strictly according to the instructions, but I have not found any success. The toolhead is constantly a good 1.5cm (not a typo, did not mean mm). It does press the metal button when I start a print, but it continues through the leveling process with the toolhead still 1.5cm above the bed. It proceeds to enter the nozzle wipe phase, but actually wipes nothing and just makes the wiping movements above the wiping pads. Then it goes to the first washer for probing and fails to make contact because it just never reaches it.

I thought that this might be the case with just my new MOARstruder, but when I installed my original stock toolhead back, it started to do the same thing when it was not doing this before I installed the MOARstruder. What have I done??

Can someone help me identify my issue, and give me some advice?

If you’ve switched from a dual extruder V3 recently you may just need to remove the button extension.

Hi zachah!

Thanks so much for your reply. I’ve been miserable because of this issue. I was thinking along the lines of what you suggested because I didn’t remember seeing the single extruder ever touch the button.

How would I go about removing the button extension? Where can I do this? You’re right in that even before my MOARstruder story, I had a dual extruder installed.

Oh my god. I’m an idiot. I forgot I installed the button extension FOR the dual extruder. For some reason I thought it came installed on the printer by default. Good god this is embarrassing.