Rocky Mountain RRF 2024

Here’s what I could find so far about what was shown during RMRRF 2024 by Lulzbot. I recognized Brian Kahl, not sure who bearded dude was.

Looks like a couple Mini 3’s, unchanged since last year. No Viking or any other corexy machine. A Taz Pro 2 with the new Twin Nebula. The Taz Pro 2 notably has no leveling washers and I could see the red glow of a bl touch behind the tool head. Also see linear rails on x and y.

Then they had a workhorse+, and Taz Pro XT. And a Sidekick 747.


Hmmm… Z offset too low:

Good to see the Mini3 finally being available. The build volume and price looks like the only downside on this guy, but assuming all the components are of the caliber of previous lulzbots, a definite good upgrade from the Mini2, especially for the price bump between the two.

And here’s Nero3d’s time at the booth. Jump to 17:55… the link to time isn’t working right. Nothing of consequence, but he did say he’d be doing a video later with them.

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I have a serious issue with the quality of the printed parts coming off Lulzbot machines these days. My XT has issues like this, either because they slave-drive Mini2’s to death exhaustion, or their Viking machine isn’t any good. Or they just flat out refuse to scrap parts or make adjustments to how they slice or print. My XT machine was made in May of last year, and I have a cracked x motor end because they overtorqued the set screw holding the top 12mm rod in place. And all parts have the wavy gravy texture on at least one of the surfaces (top or bottom). Do either of these affect the performance of the machine? I don’t think so. But I paid many thousands for it and expected better.

Why this particular specimen was the one they chose to show at RMRRF, when it clearly has poorly printed parts, I just don’t know. I don’t think their target audience was at RMRRF anyway.

Their jobs page for the people printing - - is $12-14 an hour. That’s sub-fast food prices. Is it less demanding? Probably, but at $12-14 I can’t expect the operators to be great at doing anything but canceling spaghetti and restarting.

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I have a taz workhorse+ & if you can operate a normal taz workhorse in then you just did your homework in general other than the no need for leveling & certain features like the different toolheads & magnetic beds but its just as easy to operate

Hi @zenotek
My media loan on the XT is wrapping up and much of the time I have had the machine, I have been waiting for information on firmware, things to work in the slicer and so on. I’ve been working with a 3rd party vendor (3D Upfitters) to help them correct their enclosure for this machine. I pretty much require my machines to be enclosed for not only safety reasons (UFPs, VOCs, etc) but for great print quality. (Big printer - Big print times - more reason to have them enclosed and protected, for best results!)

My out of the box experience hasn’t been great. The instructions didn’t relate to what was attached to the machine (HS 1.2 tool head) and questions to support went unanswered. I never really got any answers about how those runout sensors are supposed to work with a toolhead that uses 1.75mm filament. They sent over the BL Touch, which came with install instructions and nothing else. I had great challenges getting the slicer to work with it. I mean, in he machine settings it was a check box.
But, after some struggles, it worked.

So, for ease of use, it’s very problematic. Unless you prowl these groups, the GitHub and other sources of information, you really struggle.

I’m pleased the Cura LE is making some advances to become closer to the latest release. But there are many slicers out there and being tied to their own version is a bit limiting. Native support in other slicers would be fantastic. Again, I know the gurus in here know how to carve up the start and end gcodes to make it work, but not all customers are advanced users. I believe Lulzbot aims for the educational market and other areas, not so much the hobbyists.

But, I manage a small scale print lab for an accredited research lab and I like machines that work on arrival, superb documentation and reliability. I have 7 Ultimaker S5s that are print farm tanks. Extensive documentation for all maintenance needs, training and parts as needed. I want to support a US company but my experience with this machine has been frustrating. It’s very solidly built and I saw things improve immensely going to the M175 powered by Slice and Bondech. But just trying to figure out what’s changed from one version of firmware to another is a challenge, as well as changelogs for the Cura LE.

Then there’s that high price. $6500 I believe? It’s pretty high. I’m kind of fascinated they made a tall version, and a wide version. But not something tall and wide combined? Maybe coming soon? I won’t ding them too hard on the price though as I can imagine the costs of labor, materials and resources at our current rate of inflation.

Truth be told, I’d love to keep this machine since it has much potential that seems untapped at the moment. I’m wrapping up my filming and putting together my thoughts for my YouTube review video.

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The code says that an xtra long xtra tall exists, but I agree with everything else.

For how limited in number their supported machines are, the errors we enthusiasts have seen and helped with on their current machines (legacy machines get a pass) is a bit disappointing.

Lulzbots are generally built with top-tier components, they just don’t get the polish and support that they deserve.

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Another short clip, but this shows the Pro 2 in action:

I see linear rails on the X and Y axis, linear rod Z axis. Slightly disappointed that it didn’t use coreXZ, since that would give the dual Z axis motor control and X motion with only two motors, which would mean only 3 motors would be in use for motion, allowing for dual extruders without a 6-stepper control board.

Still, it’s some solid improvements beyond what I’ve been able to deduce from the marlin firmware.

Between coreXZ, Klipper, and CANBUS, I kinda feel like stretching out the mini3 would be the best lulzbot yet.

The Mini3, however, is such a change from all their previous printers that I don’t know how much help I’ll be to new owners in here.

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I am honestly not sure if there is a 2 ft long x 2 ft high Lulzbot to my knowledge but only because of all the research & developments these days I will give them a consideration given that benefits them in doubt

But to be straight up I am cool with a Taz workhorse as well as a cubic foot build size

Adding another one that posted, about 5 minutes worth at the start talking with Lulzbot. Not a lot of information on the printers though, mostly Slice Engineering looking to be praised for their hot ends.

Let me say this - I like Bondtech and Slice hardware a lot. They make really good components since E3D seems to be not so relevant these days.

Slice keeps putting out these ‘buy in the USA’ content but a month ago, they were doing this big promotion for the Phrozen 3D printer coming up in Kickstarter, the Arco.

Well, Phrozen is in Tawain.

Slice seems to have some mixed messages. Plug Tawain printers one week, they lecture us about buying things in the USA the follow weeks. It’s just a bit laughable.