Rough and voided surface at support interface

Is there a setting in Slicer that can help with the rough surface and/or voids I’m getting where support material interfaces with the body of the actual part?


Do you have an image of what you’re encountering? Posting the Gcode file as well will help.

Yous can see the roughness in these, but the voids are tough to see.

The gcode file is over 4MB it’s here:

Speaking of that is there a good gcode viewer?

I tend to use or Cura to look at gcode. Do you have an image of the print for this item, showing the areas?

You may also want to consider printing this at a 45 degree angle, to keep both clamps strong, similar to this:

Sorry I talked about the photos in my previous post…then forgot to attach them

Try changing the pattern spacing, and see if the different support styles (line or hexagonal) change things. What size hot end nozzle are you using? How many bottom surface layers are you using?