Rough Print Throughout Piece

I’m using the Taz 5 and the part I’m printing keeps having a very rough print throughout the layers. I’ve noticed that this happens when the extruder had stopped feeding or retracted since there is a delay from when the extruder begins to feed and the filament actually coming out of the nozzle. I have a 0.8mm nozzle. It this expected? I imagine that I have to just keep the filament going through because if I don’t, the area where it passes over will not get any plastic if it had just barely started feeding.

So, is there a setting I could try to get it to not stop the extruder and keep it a constant rate? I’ve tried using continuous flow and nothing.

It sounds like you need to adjust the retraction (and prime) settings (maybe even down to 0.0).

I set all retractions to 0. So now the filament is either fed or just stops, however this still causes a delay for the filament to come out

Did you replace the stock nozzle (that was smaller, like .4 or .5) with the .8mm nozzle? A .8mm nozzle is pretty big and usually nozzles of that size have a larger heater block to keep up with the higher flow rates.

Are you using CuraLE to slice? If so, you might need to also adjust the prime settings (i.e. Retraction Extra Prime Amount).


I personally did not but there is a 0.8mm nozzle on there. The heater block is quite large (compared to the 0,4 mm block from Prusa that I’m more familiar with). And I am using Cura, What if I just left retraction completely off? If you don’t mind me explaining my project, I’d like to get some recommendations from you

I’m making face shield bands, stacking them several high. This has proven successful on Prusa printers with a smooth finish and easy to pry apart. On them, a 0,25mm layer hight is used with a 0,25 mm gap inbetween each one.

So with a 0,8mm nozzle, what settings should I use to get a smoother finish and still easy to take apart? The advantage of this printer is the larger nozzle, which should output more shields for a given amount of time.

I’m not sure about turning retraction completely off. You would have to experiment with that. You say that with a retraction of 0, it doesn’t start right away so bump the extra prime amount up. You’ll have to experiment with how much but perhaps you can design a smaller job, something like multiple(4?) 5-10mm cubes separated by 5-10mm (or more). You want the slicer to generate a retraction between each cube and then prime before starting the next one.

I think Prusa printers have either a .4 or a .5mm nozzle. A .25 layer height would be half of the nozzle size or a little bigger. I’d go with at least .4 layer height up to maybe .45. Same with the gap.

Try stacking the 2nd object at twice your layer height. So if your layer height is .25 and your shield is 5mm high, set your z height to 5.5 on the second shield. Repeat formula up the stack. First get a successful 2 stack print before going higher. And for ease, leave X and Y at 0 (should be dead center)