Saving from Cura to SD Card


I just purchaced 5 Lulzbots for my classroom and I can download the Sliced projects to the SD card to print on 3 or my 5 printers. The other two will tell me “errno 22” Invalid Argument.

I have to print via SD because I do not have enough space to put a printer between a computer / or the funds to get a computer per each printer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just to confirm, have you tried to load the file from the same SD Card on to each printer and 2 of the 5 give you an error? If so this most likely will relate to those printers rather than the way the files are being saved to the SD Card. What kind of printers are you working with? Are they Taz’s, Mini’s, a combination of the two? Once I have a bit more information I should be able to help you get this sorted out.