Mini prints wrong files from SD

I download my file from Cura, save the .gcode on the SD card. Insert SD card to mini. Print the file with the correct file name. Then I come back, and it’s printed an entirely different model. I checked that my Cura is using the correct printer settings.
Why would my printer be making old models even though I selected a new file? Very, very new to printing, so I’m sorry if there’s not enough details here.

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I would double check that you are saving and selecting the correct file to print as there really is no way for the printer to print a different file than what was selected.

In an effort to ensure that this is the case, reformatting your SD card and loading a few files at a time may be necessary.

If too many files (or a lot of files that are large) are on the card, the LCD can be a bit sluggish to respond to turning the knob.
While scrolling, you may think you have selected the file you want to print, but due to some input lag, it may have scrolled past the file and selected a different one.

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Hold up about the gcodes is this for your 3DPrinter selected or another one
and is it the appropriate temperature for the filament

it is also worth mentioning on the SD card whatever removable drive you use put it there it will save a ton of space but don’t get too caught up you just need to ensure you have the extensions like a . STL & message it to yourself i know from experience that collecting Gcodes uses a lot of memory & straight up i would rather slice every day than store Gcodes for the reasons listed above

I think it is the input lag. I noticed it myself but thought I had given it enough time to settle on the right answer. I’ll clear out the SD card.
I have the STLs, but I haven’t tried printing them directly. The person who showed me how to use the machine went with gcodes. There’s a bunch of old gcodes on it now so yeah I should clear those out. Thanks everybody.

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Glad I was able to help personally I would advise to dm you self the .STL / .3MF as soon as you can remember the more you back up the better i recommend backing up at least anywhere from once a week to daily

Also make sure when buying sd cards make sure buying standard sd cards & it’s within capacity threshold for that 3DPrinter

You can’t print STLs directly from the machine.

If you ever update the firmware, it’s good to flush the old GCODE. It should generally work, but there have been occasional changes in the startup routine (usually around the wipe/probe procedure) on the machine that depend on complimentary code from the slicer to work correctly.

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