Scorching PLA from Taz Pro

I have a new Taz Pro, printing visors for PPE that I’m making for the department of health in Virginia. During my current print, I noticed that some parts of my “True White Polylite PLA” is not white after printed, but brown. It looks like the PLA is being scorched by the second printing head. Any idea why this would happen? I never saw this with my Mini.

What do you have loaded in the second extruder? If you are only printing one color, the second extruder should be retracted and should not be heated. I’m not sure you can control the retraction directly but you should be able to set the temperature.

I thought I could use both printing nozzles and load two 3kg spools so I don’t have to change out filament every 5 days, but every 10 days to make my prints. So, I stopped using both nozzles in favor of extruder 1. The other nozzle is still at 215C, though that seems high for PLA. In Cura, is there a way to set that second extruder (extruder 2) to not heat up? It seems at the current temperature, it is oozing filament.

My preference is to have both printing, but I cannot figure out why the second extruder is globbing out filament where the first isn’t.

I don’t have a TAZ Pro, I have a TAZ 6 with a Dual Extruder V3.

How do you get the Pro to switch extruders when one runs out? In CuraLE 3.6.20, I pretended I have a TAZ Pro and I don’t see anything obvious.

With two extruders, there’s a setting under Materials called Standby Temperature. If you are printing with two colors (or PLA / PVA), the extruder not currently in use is lowered to the Standby Temperature to prevent oozing. In my “fake” TAZ Pro. The default is 175 for PLA. You can set a separate Standby Temperature for each extruder.

You may need to be in “Custom” (instead of “Recommended”) to see this value and if it still doesn’t show, go to Preferences, Configure Cura…, Settings and check the “Check All” at the top (you can remove settings later once you know you will never need them).

If I were printing with just the first extruder, I’d not load any filament in the second extruder and tell CuraLE to set its temperature to zero or some value well below any filament melting temperature.

Does your print job take 5 days to complete? I’d rather keep that second spool in a humidity controlled container than let it sit out unused for 5 days.

I was printing with both extruders. That meant that I could print for 10 days straight. One print takes about 13 hours. I’d offset that with 10 hour prints so I wasn’t up at 3am getting ready for the next print. But with both printing, I could print for 10 days until I run out of filament.

I’ll check the temperature settings again when my current print ends around 10pm tonight. For some reason, the standby temperature is 215C not 175, because that is what the Taz Pro is using. Seems high in general to me.

Thanks for the guidance on Cura!