Printing with one extruder with DUAL extruders (v2), TAZ 5

I am trying to only use extruder T1, with PLA, to print, as T0 seems to be clogged. I set the T0 temperature to 0, the T1 to 205, and the bed to 60 (degrees Celcius).

The printer prints with T1 for the first 20-40% of it, and then it starts trying to use T0, the default extruder. Because the temperature has cooled down all the way down near 40 degrees, it continuously displays the message “Cold Extrusion Prevented” and refuses to go back to using T1.

Is there any way to make the printer recognize T1 as its default extruder? Or is it the safest bet just to unclog T0 (and how would one go by doing that?)


Hello Raphikang,
Try this,
Using Cura go to Full Settings, then the “Start/End Gcode” tab, and add the following lines to your start Gcode, preferably right after the “G28” commands:

G1 Y50 - move Y to new offset position
G92 Y0 - set new Y offset
T1 - activate E1

Now load your STL, place it where you want it on the bed, slice and print.

I hope it helps.