Screw and Washer fell out of Taz 6

Hi there, I didn’t assemble our Taz 6 printer but while it was printing the other day and I returned to the printer and it was still printing, a black screw and washer was sitting on the bed. I was not there to witness this. It’s not obvious where this screw and washer came from on the Taz 6. I was amazed it still was printing without this screw. Are there any photos I can view to try to ascertain where this screw and washer descended from on this Taz 6? Thank you so much.

Since it was sitting on the bed my guess would be that it came out of the tool head or the X carriage. Find the assembly instructions at and look at the tool head and X carriage assembly process to see where screws are installed. There are photos of almost every assembly step.

I’m betting it’s the longish M3 screw that holds the tool head to the x gantry. While it might still work fine without it, as the tool head is wedged into the x gantry using gravity, it will wobble a bit.

This is what I mean: