TAZ 6 Auto Level Killed

Recently moved my printer. I had one successful print with no problems, but am unable to print anything else. When the bed is auto leveling it will wipe the nozzle, touch the washer, move to the next then fail. The screen reads “KILLED. Printer Halted Please reset”.

I’ve tried several prints, it has stopped in different places after touching the first washer by the nozzle. After the second washer. And one time ran most of the way to the 3rd washer, but started lowering 3-4 inches away from the end of the bed and failed. I do hear some new weird not great sounds when the bed is moving occasionally.

Any ideas now to reset/re-calibrate everything?

Check out https://ohai.lulzbot.com/group/taz-6/. Squaring the frame and final assembly should help. You should be able to check the frame without taking everything apart. Step 23 of squaring the frame is leveling the X-axis which could be the issue.

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Thanks for the response. I noticed it seemed like it was missing some steps moving the bed forward on the Y-axis (but still smoothly backwards). Looked like maybe there was some slop in the belt, and when I was looked to tightening the idler assembly, it just ripped right off. So I’m guessing that was already broken, and causing the issue. Ordered a new one, and we’ll see if that does it.

Yup, new Y Idler Assembly fixed the issue. Previous one had to be cracked and not enough tension on the belt.