SD Card not being read...

Hello helpful people…

I can’t find the SD card that came with the printer but downloaded the .gcode file for the print bed leveling. Put the card into the reader slot, and on the display it says card inserted, or something similar. When I go to the menus option, it says “Card xx” (I think, or something similar) but doesn’t list anything being on the card. Then it says there is no card.

With the Makerbot units I am use to, any .stl or .gcode file comes up from any card you seem to slap in there. Does this need to be formatted in some fashion? I can’t find anything that explains why the card or the .gcode wouldn’t be read. It concerns me as I don’t want to tie up a computer for printing.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve read some have a problem being inserted too far, and I assume it doesn’t touch all of the contacts of the card. Try pulling it out just a tad so it’s not in as far as it will go.