Taz 6 SD Card Reader Not Reading Files

My new Lulzbot Taz 6 3D printers are not working properly.

When I insert the SD card that came with the printers, it is correctly reading/finding the pre-downloaded Lulzbot files that came with the machine.

When I save my own .stl files on the same SD card, the sd card reader is not finding my personal files. It only finds the pre-loaded Lulzbot files.

This is happening on all of my lulzbot taz 6 printers.

I tried using new SD cards with no luck.

Any help is appreciated as I am relying on using SD cards for my students to do their printing.

Thank you kindly.

The problem may be in the SD card reader/writer you’re using to write your .stl files. If you have access to another PC with an SD card reader/writer try that. A laptop’s SD card reader/writers seem more reliable then a desktop PC’s, IMO.

The SD card reader/writer in my PC was so unreliable and frustrating I resorted to buying this external USB interface SD card reader/writer.

I can vouch for that one that it works great! And for $8 you can’t beat it!