SD Card Slot Loose

I have had my Taz 6 for over a year now, love it. Just recently the SD Card slot has become loose. I put the SD Card in the slot and I have to use a peace of tape to hold the card in so it will register, then I can print from the card. Is there something I can do to fix the SD Card Slot?

Unfortunately the SD card slot is built directly into the LCD screen so if the SD card slot is coming loose it would require replacing the full LCD screen. The good news is that replacing the LCD screen is relatively easy and since it’s just the SD card slot that is damaged you should be able to reuse all the wiring which will make the installation process easier. It doesn’t look like we have the LCD screen in stock on our website (at least for the US) currently so in addition to the link to our site I am also including a link to our supplier.

Our site:
Our suppliers site:

We also have an assembly guide for the Taz 6 control box that would walk you through installing the new LCD screen:
You’ll really only need steps 5 and part of step 6 for this. It’s important to note that this guide shows a RAMBo 1.4 which is the newest iteration, you will most likely have a RAMBo 1.3 that has slightly different wiring for the LCD screen, the differences between the 1.3 and the 1.4 wiring for the LCD is all on the RAMBo itself the connections for LCD screen didn’t change so even though the coloring and layout of those plugs on the RAMBo will look weird it should still hookup to the LCD screen exactly the same.

I think the 1.3 RAMBo has different pins/connectors for the LCD, one is a 2x4 and the other is a 2x10 connector with a different LCD cable.

Page 8 shows the older pin out and where pin one of the cables plug on.

You are 100% correct that the RAMBo side has different connections for the LCD wiring harness but the plugs on the back of the LCD screen itself are the same as before so his old wiring harness should be compatible with the new LCD screen, my thinking was he won’t even need to mess with the wiring directly on the board. This should just be a matter of unplugging them from the back of the old LCD and plugging them into the new LCD.

I mentioned it more for in case the cable falls off while changing out the LCD board.