SD Card Socket

Something appears to have broken inside the SD card socket on my TAZ 6. I can no longer fully insert the card. (I’m well out of warranty)
Looks like the “official repair” is to replace the entire display panel for about $70 plus shipping - and frankly, I’m a cheapskate.

I have better than average soldering tools and skills, I was hoping to just replace the socket, but I’ve been unable to pin down a specific part number. Supposedly the “RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller” is all open source, I’ve found the schematics and the board files, but no bill of materials or anything else with part numbers.

Anybody have any useful advice?


if you are good at soldering, buy the full reprap discount display from Ebay/china, youll need to remove the board from the back of the screen for the correct spacing for the SD slot

i built my T6 and have one of them in, not had any issues with it yet and it’s been running about 3- 4 years now