Taz 6 - SD Card Problem

I have been using SD Cards on my Taz 6 for the past year with no issues. I recently changed to the dual extruder head, used it a few times, then changed back to the stock single extruder. Now, when I insert the SD Card the LCD screen indicates that SD Card has been inserted, but when I go to into the menu, the LCD screen says “No SD Card”. I have no problems printing from my laptop, but I am wondering what happened to the SD Card slot? I would like to start using it again.

Anyone else have this issue?

There are two causes that I know of for this. For the first, the SD card may have just flat out failed. They do that sometimes though it is rare. The second is that the SD card is usually actually a microSD card inside a full size SD card adapter. Sometimes that microSD card isn’t fully seated when the adapter is fully seated, but its difficult to see from the front. The other thing could be a possible SD card slot failure on the LCD. the LCD contains no code, so worst case scenario you can buy another “fullgraphics LCD” module for around $35 last time i checked, and just swap it out.

Well, I bought a brand new SD Card and a new LCD Graphics Screen. Installed the new screen and new card and same thing…the printer screen states that a card has been inserted, then when I scroll through to the main screen, the screen says “No SD Card”.

By process of elimination, it must be the cables that connect to the screen.

I can still print from my laptop perfectly, btw.

When I see that it usually means the small 4 wire connector is plugged on backwards on the RAMBo or there is something wrong with it.