SD card plastic broke off inside card reader, Taz6

Must be the unlucky one. Had my Taz 6 since April, its been a learning experience. I’m happy with it.

SD card has become my preferred way to print. Learned the hard way not to have a computer attached by USB while printing. If the computer reboots it will initialize the USB port and the Taz will freeze its print. So since April I must have inserted the SD card dozens of times into the Taz6. Anyway somehow a piece of the SD card broke off inside the Taz6. I didnt realize this. So the next time I reinserted the SD card, the broken part of the card must have pushed farther into the SD reader and damaged the pins that read data. Contacted Lulzbot support and this is not covered.

So using a computer is not ideal, because it could reboot and goto sleep over long prints. Octopi is an option, but sometimes my pi3 stutters or hangs which causes blobs or other problems with the print. So as the Taz6 is currently designed the SD card method is the safest way to print. But by design one has to take the SD card in and out hundreds of times during the life a 3d printer. I’ve only had it 4 months.

I realize I caused this problem. Just wish the printer had some internal memory and a wireless interface for $2500. Be careful with your SD cards.

The replacement part is this one

If you want onboard memory you need a controller board newer than the Rambo that shipped with the Taz 6. You also may want to look at adding a raspberry pi and octo print. There are mounting bolts in the Taz 6 case.

They also make wifi enabled sd cards that will work.

Thanks I will definitely try a cheap SD card extender or the SD WiFi card you suggest, once the replacement board comes. That way I can greatly reduce the times I’m changing SD cards. Or revisit the octopi, and hope it doesn’t lag and cause print problems (even pi3 stuttered)

My point is for $2500, why do I have to even buy some other product to avoid this issue. I used the Taz 6 as designed. SD cards are so yester year, even cars and refrigerators have wifi now.

Tough luck I guess. I’m just venting and trying to alert others to avoid the same issue.