SE Toolhead for Parts - Free to good home

I managed to destroy the hot end on my SE toolhead when a 3 hour print failed 20 minutes in. I didn’t notice and it backed up plastic everywhere, breaking the wires in the hot end and covering everything in goo. I took the opportunity to move to a M175 toolhead, which I’ve been thinking of doing for a while, but the SE could be brought back to life with a drop-in hot end ($125 in the lulzbot store). Happy to pass it on to anyone who can use it for parts (stepper motor is still good) if you can cover shipping (within the US should be less than $10). Everything except the hot end itself is in good shape.

While I like free used parts…
Why not buy a new hotend to fix it and have a spare toolhead handy?
You can do it in 1.75.

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If it still available I’m up for it.