Seeing sporadic "k" and "o" in command window that temporarily halts the print

First post here (hi everybody!),

I’m hoping I’m not asking a “this has been asked a million times” question.
I have successfully printed some simple items on our Mini with one computer at work, but I had to move the printer and now moved to printing the actual prototype we bought the machine for.
What happens is that the print occasionally halts (with resulting blemishes in the print), and either a “>o” or “>k” appears in the command window. Is this is a common issue, have people seen this before?

  • Lulzbot Mini
  • Latest Cura
  • Printing ABS


EDIT: The machine I’m running on is slow and underpowered for sure. Is it maybe that the Python script running in the background can’t keep up?

It’s highly unlikely that you can overload a
Computer built since 1995 with serial communication at only 115200 baud. .
There are a lot of posts with topics like yours, i guess it has something to do with the firmware version used for the taz and/or the way how Cura is taking to the printer.

There was some development in marlin to “harden” the serial communication, so i would try a new firmware first. You can find one in my signature or start with your own marlin config.