Separate boro-glass from silikon heat bet

How is possible separate borosilicate glass from silicon heatbet? Unfortunately my glass is broken…

Thank you.


If your glass has broken unfortunately you will need to purchase a replacement for the full bed, the heating pad isn’t intended to be removed after application with our standard heat bed.
There is a new Modular Bed System that we recently added as an alternative for Minis and Taz 3 and up printers which has a separate heating element. This is nice because it means with it you can replace just the glass/PEI surface not the full bed but it is also handy because it has a more consistent temperature range across the plate because of the sheet metal the heating pad is laminated to and you can flip the bed over to print directly on glass which is useful for certain filament types. Whatever route you go make sure to check out our OHAI guide for the installation instructions for your replacement.
Guide for installing standard heat bed: (This shows a Mini but it’s the same on a Taz)
Guide for installing modular heat bed: (Taz)

I understand. Thank you for your information. As usually excellent support :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.