Serious TAZ 6 Dual Toolhead Wobble

I am having serious toolhead wobble on a stock dual extruder TAZ 6. I have made sure the toolhead is seated properly in the V groove (it’s flush against the x-carriage and flush on both ends). The wobble is about the X-axis, such that the nozzles (especially the front) are able to move up and down.

Part of the wobble appears to be caused by play in the top Igus Drylin bearing. The rest appears to be both the V-groove mount and the bottom of the toolhead pulling away from the x-carriage.

Is this amount of play normal? It’s seriously detracting from any medium speed prints. If not, are there any parts I should try to reprint/replace?

Any help is appreciated. I’m about ready to fallback to a single extruder.

The dual head to carriage mount interface should be solid with no play. You may need to loosen the bolts holding the v notch and slide it up to tighten that connection.

The Igus bearings can have play. One trick to minimize that is to loosen the igus bearing mount bolts and slide that mout up or down depending which direction puts more of the bearing in contact with the rod. Do the same with the bottom igus holder. If that doesn’t do the trick, there are alternative bearings…

Make sure you do not have a cracked dual mount, look to see if the heat inserts have not came down out of the back of it.

I’ll have to check mine tonight. I also am having major issues with the dual nozzle. trying to narrow down if it’s a wobble or a heat issue. LB support has been very good about helping me figure it out. sent tons of pics and video.