Setting max Z speed in Slic3r? is it possible?

I noticed that Slic3r uses the same “max speed” for non-printing moves in all axises.Is there a way to limit the Z-speed. If you have a large retract at (like 5mm) it will stall the Z-steppers since it is trying to move at the max speed the X and Y can handle.

Parhaps there is another way to limit the max speed…maybe M203 or in the firmware?

The Z speed and retraction are different. Z is up & down. Retraction is “E”. Are you talking about “Lift”?

talking about Z axis motion…not extruder.

It seems like slicer wants the Z-axis to move as fast as the X and Y axis.

Figured it out.
You can set the firmware max speed with an M code.

Thrue experimenting I found the TAZ can handle these max speeds without stalling the motors:

X axis: 11,500 mm/min (192 mm/sec)
Y axis: 12,500 mm/min (208 mm/sec)
Z axis: 250 mm/min (4 mm/sec)

Then just send the following command to the firmware:
M203 X192 Y208 Z4
and now the machine will never move faster than those settings, even if the g-code or printer host software commands it to. Now it appears these settings do not store in permanent memory, even after trying M500 to store the settings, when it was powered down and back up, the settings were not there.
So, I have put that M203 command in the “custom G-code” area of slicer so that it always sets the max speed…now i should be able to turn up the max speed in slicer, and it should be able to move very fast in non-print moves, without stalling any of the axis’s.

More explanations here:

Thanks for sharing, does this apply to the AO-100/101s too?

what are the max M203 settings for the three axis that people have found to work?