Issues with the latest Slic3r

Hey guys!

A few weeks back I upgraded to the latest Printrun and Slic3r and had a lot of issues popup on my AO-100 since. I narrowed down the majority of the issues to Printrun, many of which appears to be fixed by Kliment in his latest commit.

I am still having issues with the latest Slic3r though. The version I used before this was the one that came before they switched to individual setting save files. While I have things slicing correctly, and the prints turn out fine, when I start a print job and the motors activate, the Z Axis will try to lower itself even further for about 30ms then raise back up the the zero position and continue on with the print. I have my endstop adjusted correctly, and in fact, it works fine if I run using the old Slic3r / pronterface combo. To eliminate a printrun / slic3er incompatibility, I installed Repetier Host and am experiencing the same issue, so I am convinced that the problem lies within an incorrect setting in Slic3r. Has anyone else experienced this?

Can you post up a copy of the gcode and config file please?

I’ve seen it a few times on objects that I have rotated. Sometimes the rotated object ends up at a negative Z in the gcode after rotation. Repetierhost will let you either specify an offset or move the object. It might not be your settings, it might be that particular thing.

I didn’t understand what it did at the time, but I think that’s exactly what mine did when I upgraded to Slic3r 0.9.10b. It scared the hell of me when it happened the first time!

By comparing my old config file with the new, I was able to locate the source of this error, it’s in the “Start G-code” section under Printer Settings/Custom G-code.

You will see this code:

G28 ; home all axes
G1 Z5 F5000 ; lift nozzle

You need to remove the second line. I have no idea what this code means, and why it was added in Slic3r 0.9.10b, but removing it solved the problem for me.