Sidekick problems - waves, homeing failure, broken screen

3 problems i’m having.

Prints have a waving pattern in them - photo included in link below. Having read a bit online I think this is due to some friction somewhere? I don’t see any obvious blockages or points of friction that could be inhibiting movement. Something must be loose maybe? I have no idea what to look for if there is some screw that needs to be tightened.

More seriously, now my printer won’t print at all. It fails to home and needs to reset. I’ve tried powering it off and on, reseting defaults - same issue. I understand this also to be some problem with friction, or a blockage. I don’t see any obvious point where this could be occuring though. I’ve established that both X and Y are able to home correctly, but Z is causing a problem. I’ve felt around for loose elements and don’t find anything obvious that I can change.

3rd problem. The screen that came with the printer is often unreadable. Example photo: can you tell what number that is? I contacted support about this a week ago, I have not heard back from them. May be that they are busy. Configuration suggests that this screen cost 99$. it would be nice that a 99$ screen is readable, otherwise it’s just an expensive blue light on the side of my printer - would it be possible to mail a replacement? I can do without using it, but man does it feel lame to have this screen unusable right out of the box. I’ve only had the printer for about 10 days now.

Photos included at the link below for reference

Your LCD readability problem can probably be fixed by upgrading your firmware to version. Easiest way to do that is to update your Cura LE to 3.6.31 version and use the automatic firmware upgrade Cura.

Your shifting problem is harder to diagnose on a message board, but the first thing I would do is check that the belt tensions don’t feel really loose, and then, with the printer off, push the bed back and forth and just feel if the amount of resistance is inconsistent. However much resistance it has, it should be close to the same through the whole travel distance. Do the same with the X axis - slide the tool head left and right and feel that the drag feels the same all the way back and forth. If not, try to inspect the printer to see what is happening when it suddenly gets tighter.

It sound like you might have already done this though. So next thing I’d check is that the tiny set screws in the pulleys on each motor are actually tight. You need, I think, a 1.3mm hex screwdriver to do that. If the pulleys slip on the motor shaft a bit, that can cause layer shifting.

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Firmware update fixed the screen, thanks for that tip - I thought I had it up to date already.

I will have to call lulzbot support on monday. Homing both Z and Y result in failure. X seems fine. When I home the Y axis individually, it moves the bed over to the end quite effectively, then tells me it failed. Frustrating. Sensor error?

I had a skipping problem on my Sidekick, and it took a while to realize that a cable in the back was hanging down and was being caught on the frame. A simple string around it and tied to the upper frame, lifting it up, solved the problem. Probably not your issue, but worth checking.

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