Simple Ninjaflex mod

Just wanted to share a little tip I happened upon on over at matterhackers. It isn’t a replacement for the convenience of a flexystruder, but it does allow fairly sucessful ninjaflex printing with a standard TAZ 5 extruder. I tried it. It is hard to get the bit of tube cut precisely - it needs to be as long as possible without interfering with the idler or hobbed bolt - but once you get it cut properly, it works. I’m not getting kinks in the ninjaflex anymore!

I’ve actually been contemplating doing exactly this for a while now. Once I read up on the ninja flex extruder upgrade and all it was…

Glad to see someone else has experimented and confirmed it works. Dont get me wrong… If i was printing a ton of ninja flex I’d probably just get the upgrade. But I plan to only do minimal ninja flex.

Let me know how it works for you. I found the that getting the slant on the bottom was the key to getting it to seat properly and work.