Single Extruder Tool Head compatible with Taz 6?

Subject says it all.
I’m interested in putting a 0.35 nozzle on my Taz 6. Would buy a Single Extruder Tool Head if this does the job.
Otherwise, I’ve got a spare v2.1 tool head that I could hack up the settings for, but I’d prefer to keep that as a spare 0.5mm because I have had parts break on the head and it’s nice to have the spare to print whatever you need to keep going (not to mention, get back up and running in 5 minutes).

Would prefer the detail of the smaller nozzle for some projects. I’m using a QIDI Tech I right now for such projects, but the small build plate is a bit limiting.

It’s feasible with a little bit of work.

The TAZ 6 firmware and tool head uses a max X-axis end stop in addition to the Z-axis probing wire connected to the heater block.

You’ll need to add the Z-axis homing wire to the tool head wiring harness and secure it to the heater block. You’ll then need to either modify the TAZ 5 v2 tool head with a max X-axis end stop mounting point (for a usable end stop), or connect a new end stop to the max X-axis end stop connector on the RAMBo (end stop will not function). You can also bypass the need for the max X-axis end stop by turning off that feature in the firmware source files, recompiling, and flashing to your printer.

An easier alternative would be to purchase an all-metal hot end with 0.35 mm nozzle, cut the wires to length, add your grounding wire, terminate the new wiring, and install it into your extra v2.1 tool head.