Lulzbot taz 6 and TAZ single extruder v2c 0.5

I spent most of 2 years trying to get my taz 6 working correctly. And now that it is, I found that in my supply I have two extra toolheads. I have a v2c 0.5 nozzle and a second 3.5 toolhead. I think when I bought these I didn’t understand that you can just change the nozzle on the toolhead. But I think I am going to use the second 3.5 toolhead to have smaller nozzles to do minis. Does that make sense. I found a guide to change the nozzle ( Howto: Change Hexagon hotend nozzle ). Is that a good guide?

About the v2c 0.5 extruder. It seems like it is made for the taz 5. I can’t figure out why I bought it. Is there any way I can use it with the taz 6? If not what do I do with it? What would you do with it?

I have three single extruder toolheads each with a different nozzle size (.5, .35, .2). For me, it is faster (and less prone to errors) to switch toolheads (and update E-steps and Z-offset).

I’ve bought a couple of these off eBay… One of them was modified to bring it up to par with the TAZ 6 version of that same extruder, and the nozzle swapped to a .35 size. That one is now my “fine” extruder that I swap in/out when I’m printing small stuff. Much much faster and less likely to cause damage than swapping nozzles.

Another I used to construct a flexystruder. I had to change the nozzle to a .6 dia but the hot-end is the same otherwise, along with the motor, gears, fans, etc. I haven’t used that very often, though.

The latest one was pretty junky. The hot-end is in my spares box now, mostly cleaned up (someone used some of that extreme-high-temp filament with it, was a bear to clean up!). The rest of the hardware on it ended up forming the core of my home-built Moarstruder – I’ve been having a blast with that for the past few weeks! Aside from it’s ability to consume vast quantities of filament at incredible speed, the real value is the ability to quickly (and I mean QUICKLY!) blast out a rough part for iterative stuff, e.g. sizing and testing.

So, loads of things you can do with that extruder - it’s valuable. If not to you, then put it on eBay, somebody will snatch it up (especially if you price it right).

How did you do that? Did you find a guide? Did you add a fan?

I printed a new mount portion for the extruder that allowed me to mount a second (left-side) print cooling fan, and I also installed the 40mm heat-sink cooling fan as well. I used the STLs that Lulzbot published, and the guides on to see how the parts were assembled.

Thank you for your help. I found everything and just ordered the fan. Yay!! I thought I wouldn’t be able to use it. Now I can.