Taz 5 waking her up after CV-19

This printer has been dormant for 4-5 years, currently it has a Flexydually Tool Head on it. I’d like to get back to basics here and put on the single head extruder and start anew. Any thoughts on things to do to make this an easy task?

I think I’m needing to re-flash the firmware back to a single head? and then there’s how to go about doing that …

So Basic: All 4 plastic heated bed corners are spring loaded for what looks to be adjustability, so what is the basis starting distance to the aluminum plate? Where is that info found? Thx N

Easy. (corrected order): Download the latest version of CuraLE and flash the single toolhead firmware through CuraLE. Turn it off. Remove the one screw holding the toolhead on. Unplug it and remove it. Put the single toolhead on, plug it in and replace the screw.


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I’m working with Cura Lulzbot Edition version 4.13.8 (Mac edition), will any requirements change on flashing the head?

@Namm, I recommend a slight change to the steps @Wrathernaut suggested. When you have dual extruder firmware installed and switch to a single extruder, the installed firmware can complain when you turn the printer on and this can prevent the flashing of the single extruder firmware.

Therefore, move changing the toolhead to after flashing the single extruder firmware.

Going the other direction, single extruder to dual extruder, the order doesn’t matter.

Good point. Some of the old firmwares will error out without a reading from the second thermistor. I believe it should still be flashable in that state, but it’s better to flash with the dual extruder connected just to be sure.