slic3r now taking hours to export

I recently downloaded the latest version of slicer. I thinks it called. 1.0.0 or something like that. It SUCKS. After I bring in the stl and load the print config from the lulzbot page I try to export the g-code. What used to take a couple minutes now takes between 45 minutes up to 9 hours. It usually takes a minute or two to get to the “exporting g-code” and then it gets stuck for hours. Most of the g-code now has errors. I get holes in the supports. It will leave gaps in random areas. It will print supports for a bunch of layers then just stop and then pick up later in the print. Well that is pretty useless when your supports need support. I decided to build my own custom supports in CAD and I’m STILL getting gaps. Sometimes it will just print supports on one side but not the other. What am I doing wrong? Is there any g-code generator out there that is more automated and more reliable. The makerware I use with my replicator2 is fantastic. I bring in the stl and it shows up in a 3d box that is the exact size as my build space. I can rotate the model on all 3 axis’. I don’t think I have ever had a slicing issue or error when exporting. I teach mechanical engineering at a high school and it takes me about 5 minutes to teach 14-15 year olds how to use makerware. I have been tyring to teach slic3r all year and they still aren’t getting it. What works one day, doesn’t the next. There must be a better alternative or something obvious I have done wrong. Even though the newest version is giving me a ton of issues the old ones weren’t a lot better. Are the default setting any good. I have been using the lulzbot provided configurations the entire time. I have used all 6 settings at some point.

Slic3r can be fast or slow depending on what you are slicing. Nothing that I have used has beaten Simplify3D for speed. That stuff hauls the mail when it comes to speed and backplotting G Code. I still use the latest version for some things and so far there have been no issues so far. What sort of hardware are you running Slic3r on?

By hardware, do you mean what computer am I using? My laptop is an HP ProBook. I’m running on windows 7 64 bit, with 8GB of ram, 2.2 GHz, and 2 terabites of hard drive. It’s not the most powerful laptop by any means but shouldn’t have any issue running slic3r. I keep trying to find a replacement for slic3r. I tried the KIsslicer software. What a disaster!! My machine has a ceisure every time I try to start a print from kisslicer. I can’t seem to find where to add in the info for my specific TAZ3. I will look into simplify 3D. Is that a free software?

You should switch to skeinforge :confused:

But seriously, The time it takes to slic3 something depends a lot on how many facets are in your model. It will also take considerably longer if you select some of the more advance features under the “Print settings” > “Layers and Perimeters” > “Quality” section. You can also speed things up if you increase the number of threads in “Print settings” > “advanced” > “other” section. I would start with 4 threads and see if that helps.

Is your .stl manifold? Sometimes a non-manifold .stl will cause unusually long export times. Have you tried slicing a simple model just to see if that works?

The “exporting g-code” part of the slic3 is definitely the heaviest part of the process, and depending on your settings and what you are slicing, it can be exporting millions of lines of code.

I haven’t used makerware myself, but I have used other similar software and I find that by making it “idiot proof” the developers have taken a lot of control away from the user. This means the printer “works” most of the time, but you don’t get the chance to push the limits of the capability of the printer, or change settings to adapt your printer to another purpose.

If you upload your .stl and .ini we can help you out better.

I have found, in past Slic3r versions, unchecking the “avoid crossing perimeters” option sped up the slicing process considerably. I have had some issues with Slic3r 1.0 taking entirely too long to slice a very simple cookie cutter. I just switch to Cura and slice it in five seconds flat, then go print… I don’t need anything special to knock out a cookie cutter!

Thanks for all the info guys. I am going to start looking into all of your suggestions.

Here is another thread where there were unusually long export times. Might be worth checking out: