Slic3r will not save gcode

Up to this point, I’ve been using HIPS with my Kittaz with the Hexagon hotend running at 240c and 85c. Today, I wanted to print in ABS. I downloaded the .ini file for ABS fine no support from the lulzbot website for Slic3r. When I select Export Gcode, it gets to the point where is is reporting Exporting Gcode to C:, and stops. Checking task manager, it shows that slic3r is running at 13% CPU utilization with no changes. One final note is that Windows 7 did perform updates last night.

The problem seems to be in the print settings. If I select my HIPS Fine print settings profile, it will properly save the Gcode.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’ve let Slic3r continue to run, and it looks like it finished outputting the file at a rate of about 5k per second.


It can take a long time to export out sometimes. Make sure that “Avoid crossing perimeters” is not turned on and try the export again.


Thanks Orias.