Changing Layer Heights Mid-Print


I’m wondering if anyone knows if you can change the layer height in the middle of a print. I want to retain the speed of printing at a .22mm layers for the base of my print but then would like to refine the top which is the finished surface. Whe it crosses a certain z height, is there a way to generate the .gcode so that it begins to transition writing code from .22mm layer height to .14mm layers?

Greatly appreciate the help!

Some slicers give you this option. I currently use Simplify3D which allows me to do just this. I had a replicator 2x before my taz 4 and hated MakerWare so I purchased Simplify3D and stuck with it. I would check the slicer use are using, I would imagine slic3r has an option. Hopefully someone with experience with other slicers can chime in.

Slic3r can change layer heights in the same part. Right click on the part and select Settings from the list of options. On the settings window, you will see a tab marked Layers. On that tab, you can set minimum and maximum Z heights for a corresponding layer height.

I was playing with this last week, and switched from 0.22 to 0.33 to 0.075 on the same part. It worked quite well.