anyone try the Flex EcoPLA?

flexible material could be useful.

anyone try it.

I have printed some flexible PLA, but it is really hard to get to print. You have to print it very slowly.

does it stay bonded well, even if it is flexed a lot?
Like if you made a flexible hammer head, would it last a decent amount of time (if you only hammer plastic, not metal, for example).

I’m curious if the material holds up OK.

It seems reasonably robust. It sticks to the bed. It doesn’t warp. I didn’t see much for delamination (layers separating). That said, I don’t think it would make a great hammer.

I just got a roll of Flex EcoPLA and I’ve had trouble getting it to stick to the TAZ bed. What bed temp did you use jebba?

I was using like 60C on an AO-100. You can probably do less than that. I used ABS juice too, but not every print. I didn’t have issues with it sticking. It may be a different formulation than what you used.

got any temps, feeds, and speeds you can share? I just got some in. It’s a decent durometer. much like an eraser.

This is from memory: around 190C to 200C. I was printing very slowly, like 15mm/s. It adhered to the bed fine, I think I did that around 60C (on a AO-101), but probably could have done lower. It was just on glass + PET with abs juice (but between prints, I didn’t refresh it). Getting it to stick to the bed won’t be the problem.

I finally got to play with this stuff,

it is very sticky, and printed well at 210 deg C.

I would estimate this material to be 90A or 95A durometer. not rubbery, but certainly flexible, especially if you allow for flex in the design, or print it somewhat hollow.

just got some in today and yeah, i think you gotta slow it way down. my modified config 200s got through about 3 layers before gunking the nozzle

edit: tried 20mms, got about 1/3 of the part printed before clogging nozzle. comes out all curly q from the extruder when i pop it open. should i go down to 15mms or stay at 20 and change something else? getting frustrated lol

maybe too much clamping pressure from the idler bearing? this stuff is soft, so if it is clamped too hard onto the hobbed bolt, it will likely deform it and may jam in the extruder.

One downside i have seen from this material is that it oozes a lot…but I may need to dry my material out.

BTW, after drying the material, it oozes MUCH less

And also, HIPS does work as a support material for the flex PLA.