Solved: Holes on the side of the control box

Hey everyone, just got a Taz 6 a few days ago and loving it. I’m starting to design a tool caddy for all the great tools that came with it and just noticed a set of 6 holes on the side of the control box (left side when facing the front of the machine). Do those server any purpose? If not, I’m going to take advantage of them and design my caddy to mount in them. The holes seem too small for ventilation, and the arrangement definitely seems like they’re there to mount something. Would hate to get used to having my tools there then down the road realize there’s an upgrade part or something that goes there!

They are there to mount a raspberry pi to use with octoprint.

Ok, good to know - I was planning on hooking a Pi up to it this weekend, so I’ll reserve those holes for it. Thanks!