Taz 6 Enclosure - Relocate LCD/Controls outside?

Since the control lcd/control and power supply are now housed in a single unit, it looks like relocating the lcd/sd card/controls to outside of an enclosure will be a lot more difficult. Are there any pics around of inside the new single electrical box?

The power supply is in there as well, so you definitely don’t want it in the enclosure. You can see the assembly here https://ohai.lulzbot.com/group/taz-6/

If it were me, I would be tempted to either relocate the entire box, or insert one of the enclosure walls under the control box.

The TAZ 6 lends itself nicely to having the control box stick out a hole in the enclosure. There’s minimal wire or structure interference on the back, and the front is very tidy.

Here is an enclosure for the Taz 6 with electronics out in the cool.

Did for my work–our first 3D printer

Sorry picture is rotated, can’t figure out how to straighten it out.

… Just as I receive all of the cat guard parts in the mail and am planning on upgrading my 5 (once ITW posts their kit pricing). Perhaps I can just cut a hole in one side and cut the extrusions so it can stick out the side. Or, since the kit needs wiring work anyway, maybe just do a longer run of wires and mount to the extrusions from the outside?

You can do what I did, but there are some steps I took to make it as tight a fit as possible without rewiring the Taz 6. The whole idea for me was to expose the channel in the 20mm extrusion so I could slide the polycarbonate panel through the slot.

  1. Replace upper face mounted corner brackets with new inside corner brackets–Misumi
  2. Notch the Upper Z axis bearing/rod holder to expose the aluminum Extrusion Channel
  3. Countersink two bolts on lower front corner bracket extrusion to accept a Flat head machine screw and allow polycarb to slide over the bracket closely.

The back, not pictured, has the polycarb knotched to fit around the wiring…I’ll fill the gaps at some point with some removable stuffed insulation to keep the drafts under control of a vent on the side.

Oh yea, countersink and flat heads on the Z axis bearing rod holder also…